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Failure has never been an option!
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​Some may know him as Jess, Jesse James, Lord Daze or what ever but after his stint on Vh1's #1 hit reality show, he's been going by just Daze now a days. Not just a kid who grew up on the corner of some block in the South Bronx but a man who came from nothing, made something then utilized his past to help build the future of the underground Hip-Hop culture. He is a song writer/screen writer, poet, magazine publisher, radio personality and recently labeled by Popular-Magazine to be a Mastermind. This entrepreneur is destined to take the entertainment market to the next level. 

Just a few years ago he launched his own brand magazine titled The Official Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine, which is available now in a series of 15 issues. Since then he's been featured in a number of episodes of Vh1's Love and HipHop:Atlanta season 4 along side reality star Stevie J. He done casting for extras in the upcoming Tupac Biopic "All Eyez On Me" set to hit theaters September of 2016, he also recently landed a role himself in an upcoming film tilted "Makin Moves". Here you can check out his music, the stories behind the magazine, upcoming shows, discography, and learn a little more about him and his road to success.
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